Psalm 99

(1) The Lord God reigns enthroned above
The cherubim in glorious might;
In Zion God is great; let all
The nations tremble at the sight.

(2) You are the Holy One, O Lord;
Your Name is great, let all confess:
“Lover of justice, mighty one,
You have established righteousness.”

(3) We will proclaim your majesty
And worship you, the Holy Lord;
For Moses, Aaron, Samuel, too,
Once called on you and heard your word.

(4) Out of the cloud you spoke to them;
They kept your law and your decrees.
O Lord, you answered and forgave,
Yet punished all their evil deeds.

(5) Proclaim God’s greatness and bow down,
And worship on God’s holy hill;
You are the Lord, our sovereign God,
The Holy One, our Savior still.

Page provided courtesy of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Pedlar Mills, Virginia. Lyrics by Christopher L. Webber in A Metrical Psalter for the Revised Common Lectionary, published by the Church Pension Fund, 2008. Lyrics may be reproduced for congregational, non-commercial use only. Music discovered at the Cyber Hymnal. Photograph by Holly Mills, at St. Luke's, Pedlar Mills

PDF available here.

Created 04/04/2011