Psalm 98

(1)Sing to the Lord new songs, proclaim
The marvels he has done
With his right hand and holy arm,
The triumph he has won.

(2) He has made known his righteousness
For all the world to see;
Israel has known his faithfulness,
The earth his victory.

(3)All nations, shout with joy to God,
Lift up your voice and sing;
Sing to the Lord now with the harp,
Let harp and voices ring.

(4) With trumpets and the sound of horns
Rejoice before the Lord;
From all who dwell on land and sea
Let praises be outpoured.

(5) Let hills ring out with joy to God,
Let rivers clap their hands;
In righteousness shall all be judged,
In equity all lands.

Music: Warwick, Samuel Stanley, ca. 1796. Courtesy of Cyberhymnal.
Lyrics copyright Christopher L. Webber, from A New Metrical Psalter, pub. by the Church Pension Fund.

Artist: Ibby Greer, Rocky Mount, Virginia
"Blue Ridge" is oil on canvas, 20 x 18
original is on exhibit at Black Dog Salvage on Memorial Avenue in Roanoke
For further details, please contact Black Dog Salvage.

Page provided courtesy of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Pedlar Mills, Virginia, music discovered at the Cyber Hymnal; lyrics by Christopher L. Webber.

PDF available here.

Created 10/25/2010