Psalm 27: 1, 5-13

(1) My light, my Saviour is the Lord,
Of whom should I have any fear?
He is the stronghold of my life,
Whom should I dread if he is near?

(2) One thing alone I ask of God;
To dwell in his most holy place,
To seek him in his sacred court
And see his beauty face to face.

(3) For he, when times of trouble come,
Shall hide me in his secret place
And set me high upon a rock
Above my foes and keep me safe.

(4) He lifts my head above my foes,
Therefore I make my offering;
With sounds of gladness I will come,
Make music to the Lord and sing.

(5) Hearken, my Saviour, when I call;
Have mercy on me, answer me;
You say, “Seek me,” within my heart;
Your face will I seek constantly.

(6) Lord, listen to me when I call,
Have mercy on me, answer me;
You move my heart to seek your face;
Your face, Lord, I desire to see.

(7) Do not forever hide your face
Nor, Lord, in anger turn away;
Cast me not off, you are my help,
Do not forsake me when I pray.


Page provided courtesy of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Pedlar Mills, Virginia. Music discovered at the Cyber Hymnal; lyrics by Christopher L. Webber, from A New Metrical Psalter, published by The Church Hymnal Corporation, 1986.

PDF available here.

Created 01/17/2011