Psalm 22: 24-30

(1) I will declare your Name, O God,
To my companions who are true;
And in the congregationís midst,
With love will I sing praise to you.

(2) O you that fear the Lord, give praise;
O Israelís offspring, stand in awe.
All you who are of Jacobís line,
Give glory always to the Lord.

(3) The Lord does not despise the poor
But hears their crying and their plea;
Iíll praise my God and make my vows,
Proclaimed aloud and publicly.

(4) The poor shall eat and have their fill;
Those seeking God shall offer praise.
The nations far and wide shall come
And bow before Godís throne always.

(5) Dominion over all the earth
Belongs to God upon the throne;
All those who sleep within the earth
Bow down to worship God alone.

(6) My soul shall live for God alone.
My heirs shall keep the Lordís command,
And future ages shall proclaim
The saving deeds of Godís right hand.

Page provided courtesy of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Pedlar Mills, Virginia. Music discovered at the Cyber Hymnal; lyrics by Christopher L. Webber, 2008, from A New Metrical Psalter, published by The Church Hymnal Corporation.

PDF available here.

Created 05/01/2012