Psalm 130

(1) Out of the depths we call to you,
Lord, hear our voices, heed our prayer;
Look with compassion on our plea,
Weigh our petition, Lord, with care.

(2) For if your note each sinful deed,
Lord, who could stand when you appeared?
With you forgiveness will be found,
And therefore, Lord, you shall be feared.

(3) More certainly than watchmen wait
To see the daylight first appear,
Do our souls wait upon the Lord;
We wait in trust and holy fear.

(4) O Israel, wait upon the Lord,
For with the Lord is mercy found;
Who pardons us of all our sin.
In whom true liberty abounds.

Page provided courtesy of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Pedlar Mills, Virginia. Lyrics by Christopher L. Webber in A Metrical Psalter for the Revised Common Lectionary, published by the Church Pension Fund, 2008. Lyrics may be reproduced for congregational, non-commercial use only. Music discovered at the Cyber Hymnal.
PDF available here.

Created 04/04/2011