Psalm 119: 97-104

(1) My mind is on your law all day,
and in it, Lord, is my delight;
More than the wisdom of my foes
Is your commandment day and night.

(2) My study is in your decrees,
They make me wiser than my guide;
More than the elders know is mine,
In your commandments I abide.

(3) Maintaining your word, I restrain
My feet from every evil way;
My heart does not shrink from your law,
For you have taught me day by day.

(5) Much sweeter to my taste, O Lord,
Than honey is your sure decree;
My mind grows wise through your command;
I hate false ways most bitterly.

Page provided courtesy of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Pedlar Mills, Virginia, Music discovered at the Cyber Hymnal, and lyrics from A New Metrical Psalter, by Christopher Webber and published by The Church Pension Fund, 1986.
PDF available here.

Created 10/12/2010