Psalm 119: 1-8

(1) All those are blest who love God's law,
Whose way is blameless, without sin;
All who observe the Lord's decrees
and truly in their hearts seek him.

(2) All those are blest who do no wrong,
But al-ways walk in all God's ways;
All his commandments were laid down
To keep with care through all our days.

(3) Assist me, Lord, that I may keep
Your statutes; make my pathways straight;
And I will not be shamed when I
Consider your commandments' weight.

(4) And unfeigned heart will thank you, Lord,
When all your judgments have been learned;
Among your people I will keep
Your statutes; let me not be spurned.

Page provided courtesy of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Pedlar Mills, Virginia. Lyrics by Christopher L. Webber in A New Metrical Psalter, published by the Church Pension Fund. Music discovered at the Cyber Hymnal.
PDF available here.

Created 02/07/2011