Psalm 112

(1) Hallelujah! Happy are they
Whose joy is God's command,
Their children will be always blessed
And mighty in the land.

(2) Riches and wealth will bless their house; Their justice will endure,
And they are merciful. Light shines
In darkness for the pure.

(3) In justice do they rule their lives
And freely do they lend;
Unshaken they, their memory
Is treasured without end.

(4) Heart firm, they fear no evil news;
In God they put their trust;
Their heart secure, they will not shrink
Until their foes are crushed.

(5) The righteous spread their gifts abroad,
Give freely to the poor;
With honor will their heads be raised;
Their justice will endure.

The wicked will see all these things
And rage and pine away;
Their anger and their base desires
Will perish in a day.

Page provided courtesy of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Pedlar Mills, Virginia; lyrics by Christopher L. Webber as provided in A New Metrical Psalter, published by The Church Pension Fund; music (Grafenberg) discovered at the Cyber Hymnal.
PDF available here.

Created 01/31/2011