In Times of Sickness

(1)When maladies and woes are nigh,
Past mercies teach me where to fly;
Thine arm, Almighty God, can aid,
When sickness grieves, and pains invade.

(2) To all the various helps of art,
Kindly thy healing power impart;
Bethesdaís bath refused to save,
Unless an angel blessíd the wave.

(3) All medícines act by thy decree,
Receive commission all from thee;
And not a plant which spreads the plans,
But teems with health, when heaven ordains.

(4) Clay and Siloamís pool, we find,
At heavenís command restored the blind;
And Jordanís waters hence were seen
To wash a Syrian leper clean.

(5) But grant me nobler favours still,
Grant me to know and do thy will
Thou great Physician of the soul
Rebuke my pangs, and make me whole.

Lyrics from an 1850 Book of Common Prayer, revised and adapted by Holly Mills, 2011. Photograph of the Jordan River by Norman E. Wilhelm, Sr., 1966

Page provided courtesy of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Pedlar Mills, Virginia; music, Danby, discovered at the Cyber Hymnal.
PDF available here.

Created 02/14/2011