Blest Are the Poor

(1) Blest are the poor, whose spirits know their need;
Godís heavínly kingdom will be theirs indeed.
Blest, those who mourn; Godís comfort will be known.
Blest are the meek; the world will be their own.

(2) Blest, those who seek Godís righteousness each day;
They will be filled and never turned away.
Blest are the kind, for mercy will be givín.
Blest are the pure in heart; theyíll see God in Heavín.

(3) Blest, men of peace; they will Godís sons be named.
Blest, those who suffer slander and much shame.
Blest, faithful ones, enduring for your Lord.
Rejoice, be glad, for great is your reward.

(4) I see my need and humbly seek Your face.
Show me Your mercy; all my cares erase.
Keep my heart pure; I long for righteousness.
I know that as Your child Iím fully blest.

Lyricist Susan Peterson released these words to the public domain in 1998. They were originally written to accompany a Maori tune. This arrangement is set to Frederick Cook Atkinson's Morecambe, a tune often sung to "Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart." (Lyrics by George Croley.)

Page provided courtesy of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Pedlar Mills, Virginia, Lyrics and music discovered at the Cyber Hymnal.
PDF available here.

Created 01/24/2011